Link Assistant Tool Review – Off Page SEO

In this video were going to discuss the link assistant tool. Link assistant is part of the toolset.

Link assistant is capable of helping you find link partners and juicy links that May or may not already be discovered by your competition. The software looks for sites with a PR rank of 3 or above.

You'll have to decide if page rank is a factor you still want to use in your off page SEO efforts. Google has noted that it will intentionally give us incorrect page rank information just throw us off as SEOers. So instead, use this data as one of the many factors you analyze in finding link partners.

In the free version of the software you can at least find link partners and decide if you want to invest time in courting them. In the paid version of link assistant, things get really interesting as you can save this information and even exported for your own purposes.

You can download a free copy of the software here –

There are no limits to the number of searches you perform. But as free goes, you won't be able to save any of your work.

This is just an overview of the software. To learn more about the pros and cons and get a complete review you can find it here:

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