WP SEO Ninja 2.0 – How Jason Made £50,000 in 4 Months Using This Plugin

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Here is what Jason has to say about the WP SEO Ninja

Since using your plugin I have WIPED OUT the competition, completely ANNIHILATED them. They are still trying to figure out what just happened and how I did it!

The proof is on google.co.uk type in "dunfermline accountants" (without quotes).

You will see my main site www.ontax.co.uk multiple listings every page, in fact some pages I take all the listings (bar 1 !) WOW!

I also own www.dunfermlineaccountants.co.uk and many other varations of that domain. its safe to say that in the first 15-20 pages I take perhaps 50% of the listings and its all down to your plugin.

Awesome! (and I'm not an internet marketeer, i'm an accountant!)

My biggest competitor is www.thomsXXXXX.com who have 4650 pages on their site. I have about 100 blog pages and I pushed their main listing right back to page 19 (as of last week).

We have many other sites we use the plugin on but www.ontax.co.uk is the main one and I can hand on heart say that we took £50K of new business between Nov 11 and Feb 12 due to this plugin alone.

I used to use SEO Pressor but was not getting results with it, Since changing to SEO Ninja my phone has not stopped ringing

Jason Nellyer & OnTax Dunfermline Accountants

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