SEO For WordPress – All In One SEO To Fully Optimise WP

SEO For WordPress – All In One SEO To Fully Optimise WP. Here Chris explains in detail how to get the best seo out of your wordpress site. Some good tips and tricks explianed here and with so many different ways of building your site, its somewhat hard to know which way to go about it.

I found this very interesting so I though Chris's video was worth a post for all my subscribers. Its not too long, 10 mins with a nice coffee and notepad and pen should do the trick. Then put aside 30 mins – 1 hour to apply some of the features talked about. Every little helps in your fight to achieve high Google ranking on the search engines and Im sure everyone watching will be able to pick up some new ideas, even if they are not that new, to use on their WP sites.

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Subjects covered:

0.20 Intro to the SEO WordPress Video
0.28 All in one seo plug in
1.15 Search engine optimisation
1.24 Home Title
1.45 Home description
2.05 Keywords helping seo
3.00 Editing Posts and Keyords for Important SEO
4.40 All in one seo pack
5.30 Description and keyword optimisation
8.00 Social seo settings
9.10 Image editing
9.50 Separate seo pages

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