How to Verify a WordPress Site With Google Webmaster Tools

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How to verify a WordPress site with Google Webmaster Tools explains how you can verify your website in Google Webmaster Tools so that Google can crawl and index your website.

This video tutorial makes it easy for website owners and details two different website verification methods using file upload and also placing a meta tag within the head element of HTML mark-up . This video session has been created for website owners who are using WordPress Content Management System and wanting to learn to add and verify their website with Google Webmaster Tools (GWT) using the latest 2014 user interface. You can learn more about Site verification here:

You can also find out how you can submit an XML Sitemap to Google so that it is aware of how many different web pages your website contains. Because XML sitemap is what Google's user-agent Googlebot fetches when it visits your domain. To learn more about adding an XML sitemap visit:

This video is created for website owners who are using WordPress CMS and who have not yet added their website in Google Webmaster Tools account. If you have benefited by learning with this video session, then please share it on your social profile so that other website owners can benefit from using this quick and easy verification methods, here's the URL to share:

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