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★1 Click WP SEO 4 0 WordPress plugin★

1 click WP SEO WP Plugin permits anyone to optimize all the posts and pages on their web site, for the keywords they require, with one click. The plugin has been updated to figure with the newest Google algorithmic program changes.
You want more traffic, and optimizing your sites for
the search engines is *simple*, but it's also BORING
and takes a lot of TIME and ENERGY…
Also, Google has made many changes to how they rank
websites (Penguin, Panda, Hummingbird). So, we need
to roll with the changes!
I just came across this really cool SEO WordPress
plugin that optimizes all your posts and pages for
Google with just 1 click…

Let Me See This:

– You go to the mass-optimization screen, check
the SEO factors you want to apply, enter your
desired keyword for each post or page and click
the "Mass Optimize" button. Done!
– Then, the plugin will automatically optimize your
posts and pages for your chosen keywords: It will
add H1, H2, bold, italics, underline, rename your
image (if it exists) to "your-chosen-keyword.jpeg",
add image alt tag, link to the post itself, link to the
homepage, and modify permalinks…

– The plugin has just been updated to work with the
latest Google updates. It has a built-in feature to
avoid over-optimization penalty, and it will also add
related keywords (from Bing) at the bottom of your

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